Our Live From Home memberships and packages offer interactive live classes from the comfort and convenience of your home. 

Interact with your instructor and fellow participants via our two-way video platform. 
Receive modifications and form corrections from our expert instructors and stay injury free. 
Use our app to take class on any platform from laptop to iPad to casting to your living room TV screen. 

Our Live From Home classes are truly the best of all possible worlds for those who want the connection of the group experience with the time-saving convenience and safety of working out from home.

Time-saving convenience 

and ease.

Save time commuting and add ease to your life. Our Live From Home classes are the best of all possible worlds offering the connection and excitement of live classes, but from the convenience of your home.

Modifications & Form Corrections

Our exceptional instructors not only serve up dynamic, thoughtful yoga and fitness classes that keep your mind, body and heart aligned, but you'll find their ever-watchful eyes offering modifications for your unique body and making sure you perform exercises with the best form.

Easy Access Via Our App

Our booking app makes it easy to jump right into class at the press of a button. You can use any device from laptop to iPad to casting to your living room TV.

What they're saying about Align Brooklyn...

"Instructors are highly qualified! The level of detailed adjustments for a given exercise is top notch- better than other online programs I've been doing."
"Adapted to needs & limits of individuals. Very “flexible” yet rigorous enough to be challenging."
"Pam and Dr. Brown incorporate the best ideals into their studio - fitness coupled with wellbeing. It’s easy to see (and feel the results!) how Dr. Brown’s chiropractic methods have trickled into the structure of each class.  With a focus on spinal alignment and awareness, each class is unique and challenging, time and time again. The teachers are extremely thoughtful and talented - I always look forward to the days I have a class at Align (whether that’s in person or virtually!)."
"The instructors and classes are fantastic! Thanks for everything you've done to make it possible to continue to take classes during this time."
 "They challenge us physically and mentally, encourage us to exceed our  boundaries and heal us when we need care and community."

Our free trial includes unlimited access to our on demand class library, unlimited access to our Live From Home classes, and a goal setting session with our holistic health coach.

Join us for yoga and fitness today!

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